Some say the world. Hangover 2017

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As I headed back up to the Hang for the annual October pilgrimage, I was reminded of the two previous trips and realized that the eclipse will forever likely be the most magic moment I have ever spent on this mountain. … Continued

The Alpine Dihedral

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Some of you may be tired of my climbing tales and I promise we will be back to backpacking next weekend.  However, this was a day that involved one of the classic trad routes at the Obed and I was … Continued

Obed Trail Day Camp Out

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I returned to the Obed for a weekend of climbing fellowship, trail maintenance and comraderie.  it was a scheduled work day and Saturday was perfect weather for some brush clipping and trash removal.  It feels good to give back to … Continued

Labor Day Activities

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Laurel moved to Florida a couple of weeks ago to embark upon her post doctoral studies at UFLA.  So we hadn’t seen each other but she decided to get a ticket home and we spent a little more than a … Continued

Lower Jakes with little Quillen

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No, I don’t have a secret son.  But better than that, I have a namesake, and since it was his birthday he decided to let me take him on his first backpacking trip. Quillen Holmes is turning 10 this week. … Continued

Rough Fork

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 ] We weren’t a tenth of a mile up Rough Fork when we encountered this fine specimen. He was docile but gave us a nice rattle show that didn’t translate as well to the video. Laurel and I had some … Continued

Red River Gorge-Muir Valley

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Since we first visited Muir Valley some two years ago, Laurel and I have developed a great fondness for this pristine and responsibly developed climbing area.  Rick and Liz Weber had a vision and guided this marvel to its fruition. … Continued