An Incredible Photograph

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Last year about this time, Laurel and I were making our way down towards Mexico for a climb on Pico de Orizaba via La Malinche. It was an eventful experience in that she got seriously altitude sick and had to be … Continued

Hazel Creek for Turkey Week

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It was a brisk morning that turned into a glorious day as the Highlander Navy set sail from Cable Cove across lake Fontana on Friday morning. Martin navigates the brisk waters expertly in a heavily laden old 17 foot canoe … Continued

Spence in the Snow

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“Why do we like Frank?” Laurel asked me a half dozen times as we climbed up Bote mtn in 40 mph winds. She didn’t drive to Tennessee from sunny Florida for this kind of weather.  And reminded me of it … Continued

Derrick Nob via Greenbrier Ridge

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I was privileged to join my fellow Southern Forest Watch board members, Rob Cameron and Myers Morton in their quest to complete Smokies mileage this past weekend. We had a bit of company. Myers, Rob and Nick started Friday at … Continued

Cane Creek and Updates

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Three clients canceled on me at 3.30 Friday afternoon so instead of going from my school job to the office, I veered left and ascended o’er Look Rock. My destination was Goldmine and Cane Creek.  The weather was looking bad for … Continued

Some say the world. Hangover 2017

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As I headed back up to the Hang for the annual October pilgrimage, I was reminded of the two previous trips and realized that the eclipse will forever likely be the most magic moment I have ever spent on this mountain. … Continued

The Alpine Dihedral

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Some of you may be tired of my climbing tales and I promise we will be back to backpacking next weekend.  However, this was a day that involved one of the classic trad routes at the Obed and I was … Continued

Obed Trail Day Camp Out

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I returned to the Obed for a weekend of climbing fellowship, trail maintenance and comraderie.  it was a scheduled work day and Saturday was perfect weather for some brush clipping and trash removal.  It feels good to give back to … Continued