walnut bottoms

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First, let me acknowledge my dereliction of posting. I have been consumed with writing projects for the magazine. It’s not that I haven’t been out at all, to the contrary, I’ve been out quite a bit. I’ve done several weekends at the Red River gorge camping and climbing. I’ve done a Day hike to LeConte. I’ve been to the Obed for trail Days. But having neglected posting things here. If you did not get a chance to read my latest piece about Del Scruggs I would encourage you to do so it’s an entertaining look at his experience diving on the Atocha as a backdrop to the Obed in general. Patrick Caveney contributed amazing photography
This was a solo outing. I hiked up and over Low Gap and back down into Big Creek. I needed to be lulled to sleep by the stream underneath canopies of magnificent trees. I’ve been sleeping on the ground every weekend for the past month and a half but it’s just not the same. Not that I don’t love being at the Red River gorge at Miguel’s but it’s kind of populated.
I came out the next morning and startled a pretty good size bear hiking up an over Low Gap. Snakes are still out.

It’s looking to be a beautiful fall, I think the colors are going to be exceptional. I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy them. I will try to do better with content here.

peace to all!