Smokies Distancing

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We carefully followed CDC guidelines with regard to our outdoor time in the Smokies this weekend. Our posse maintained appropriate social distances and our tents were nowhere near the vicinity of each other.

We were, after all, in the company of a man who used to head up be Knox county health department, Mark Jones.

Mark in all his outdoor dapper. And he’s mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

(Nick crafted this one)


But nothing like this Rambo who emerged from the woods as if he changed in a phone booth somewhere.  Yes, it’s Country Pleasin Richard.

We even had a cameo from old Ballerina Britches and Houston. Given Nick’s ability to manage the fire and Richard’s tireless work on wood we had a good blaze all night.

We were joined by our new friend Chris, who came in solo and shared the fire with us until about 1 in the morning.

Abrams was a raging torrent, always beautiful.

I know we live in uncertain times now and many people are consumed by anxiety. I think all of us are. As for me, I am self-employed. Most folks don’t understand my relationship with the schools etc. I am a private contractor with no benefits whatsoever. That includes sick days, vacation, retirement, the whole kit and kaboodle. Therefore, If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I am not putting this out there for sympathy, rather context. As we speak, corrupt politicians are crafting legislation to give corporations a huge bailout, just like in 2008. Think about this for a minute. If you are an employee of a school, large company etc, there is going to be some form of employment insurance for you. But zero for folks like me. However, these millionaires, backed by their republican lackeys, are scheming to not only manipulate more of our tax dollars for their stock buybacks, but are trying to use this virus as an opportunity to seize our civil liberties as well. William Barr, the most crooked AG in history, has just proposed suspending civil liberties and asking congress to give him power to detain people indefinitely. It is so bad that even right wing Tim Burchett, my “esteemed” representative has proclaimed it a huge over reach.

I realize that many of you supported Trump.  You are watching his mishandling of this virus and people are dying as a result. Had we a competent leader in office, (eg anyone other than a man who bankrupted four personal businesses and squandered his inheritance) this pandemic could have been mitigated. Well, its too late. All you can do is support Biden.

Biden was not my number one choice, that would have been Elizabeth Warren. Why, you may ask? Simple. Because she spent her life championing the oppressed. You judge someone by their history. I will never understand how people looked at Trump’s history and deemed him fit for office.  However, Biden is competent to run this country and not a corporate shill. And I know, deep down, even my Republican friends are now secretly saying this. I’ve been trying to warn people about Trump since day 1. Now people are dying because of his negligence and corruption. And what is the response of our senate leadership? To craft legislation to give our money to corporations.  The only way out of this crisis is to put money in the hands of people who will stimulate the economy and feed their families, not corporations who line their rich their pockets.   Pray to God with all your power and might.  There is nothing new under the sun, Ecclesiastes tells us. This has been happening for centuries. But, we can spend this time seeking wisdom and holding OUR elected reps accountable. Send emails to your congresspeople. The lives of your family members may depend upon it.  And quit watching and listening to right wing media outlets who have been spouting Russian propaganda for three years.

These are interesting times. We must help each other but first we have to get on our knees and seek divine wisdom and guidance and mercy. If someone is telling you to ignore science and lying about the seriousness of anything to manipulate you, they are people who belong to the father of lies. And the Bible is quite clear on this. Satan has always relied upon deception to advance his kingdom here on earth. What you are hearing is not always the truth. And in the case of Trump, everything you are hearing is usually deception. This is clearly documented. When I watch evangelists who say he is “the chosen one” etc, I know we are living in the evil matrix. Those who sow discord and division are not of God. They thrive on chaos. We all know this from experiences in our personal lives. Run away from divisive people. In the case of our leadership, we have a choice in November, provided the Russians aren’t allowed to re hijack our elections.

Enough of my diatribe. Let’s get back to some music. I found this the other day and am overwhelmed by the talent of this young lady. Of course, it is my favorite Zeppelin song, so please enjoy and take care of yourself.

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  1. KT

    Hi John, I really enjoy the blog. Ran across it a while back researching hikes in the Smokies. Keep speaking out on the issues that impact those beautiful mountains. Unfortunately, I worked for the government for several years under both parties. I don’t have much faith in any of them and certainly no faith in the current group. It’s sad.

    • John

      Good to hear from you, KT. As we speak, the park is closed. All of it. So that pretty much confirms what you were saying. Take care and hit us up if you would like to join us for a weekend.