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Image749515896 (If you didn’t get to see the last post recapping our France excursion, scroll down for details)

The Mayor, aka my brother Todd, is back in TN for good.  So first order of business was for us, upon my return from Europe and Todd settling into his new home on the lake was to reconnect with an area that has seen a good deal of trout slaying by the Quillen brothers.  Here we stand at the infamous “double naught” campsite after a Saturday of full limit of rainbows.


It was a perfect day and the fish karma was even better.

Image-111351747 Bloody machete man got the fire roaring.


Sunday found us enjoying another perfect weather setting that was prime for round two of the trout bagging.  It only took a couple of hours to limit out and we were steaming back to Ktown to eat these delicious offerings.

Image750599897 Laurel was ready with all the fixins and we cedar planked these suckers and grilled them to perfection.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.