Enough is Enough

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Greetings fellow outdoor enthusiasts.  Many of you may have heard that today, interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska that if she didn’t support President Trumps healthcare proposal, he would retaliate by freezing up more public lands within his power over the National Park Service and NFS and BLM.  Here is a link.  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/report-interior-secretary-called-alaskas-senators-to-threaten-them-over-health-care-vote/

Now I don’t care what your political leanings may be, mine are more libertarian than anything.  But this is ridiculous.  As a result, I have sent the following letter to both Senator Corker and Congressman Duncan.  (My Duncan letter is more personal since I know the guy, somewhat)

You loyal readers of this site may think that politics should be left out.  I disagree. I also warned you that you will be entreated to a dose of activism on occasion when necessary. When politics affect public lands then it becomes part of my personal website, which is not affiliated with the Southern Forest Watch, I will add.   So I wanted to share the letter and my concerns about the leadership of this country and urge each of you to write letters of your own to your elected officials.  Enough of this is enough.

Sen. Corker,

I am writing to request that you consider the impact of President Trump’s 
erratic and immature behavior upon our democracy. As a member of the 
foreign relations committee, you have to be concerned about his 
alienation of the world and today, his own staff.  The Russia 
investigation continues to implicate most every member of his inner 
circle and his response is to refuse to acknowledge that Russia even 
meddled in our elections.

My greater concern, other than his obvious disdain for the rule of law 
and horrible example presented to Boy Scouts (I have worked with 
disadvantaged teenage drug users for over 30 years and do not use 
profanity in front of them like he did the other day at a jamboree) is 
what he will be willing to do to redeem himself in the eyes of the 
public and his fractured party.  With threats from North Korea looming I 
could envision the President launching a pre- emptive strike to appear 
“decisive” in the eyes of the world.  You know that the consequences of 
this type of action would be disastrous but it isn’t far-fetched. 
Despots have long employed this tried and true chapter from public 
relations playbooks.

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.  Responsible leaders from both sides 
of the aisle are expressing concerns about amateur hour at the White 
House.  In summary, our democracy cannot afford another six months of 
daily denigration and mockery of the rule of law. We cannot wait until 
Trump does something else that has irreversible consequences and puts 
American lives in jeopardy further at home and abroad.  He has put a 
target on the backs of Americans and now our military.  During 
Watergate, it was the late Howard Baker who stepped up and held Nixon to 
task.  The result is that he is held in high regard as a patriot today 
for standing for the good of all Americans and not just a shrinking 38% 
base.  The passing of each day’s news proves that Trump does not possess 
the temperament or stature to continue as leader of the free world.

I implore you to support articles of impeachment for the safety of the 
United States of America. As a well respected Senator, you are in a 
position to influence fellow legislators.

I appreciate your consideration of this critical issue facing our democracy.


John Quillen
Knoxville, TN