Leconte via Alum

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It was a perfect bluebird day so a training run to the lodge was in order. Sunday marked one month to the day that we depart for Everest so these high volume cardio activities are imperative.


ice trail alum

Beautiful though it were, that’s ice on them thar trails and I saw a woman truly bust her tail coming down it. I was surprised at the amount of frozen stuff to negotiate past Alum Bluff.

rails frozen

I reached the lodge in record time, just under two hours.  The view did not disappoint.


But I chose not to tarry long. Overall I made the ascent and descent in record time, about three and a half hours round trip.  And that is the kind of shape I need to be in for the Himalaya.



Blessed to have been given such a perfect day for this ascent.

I leave for Alaska on Thursday, we will climb the ice of Anchorage and do some training up there with my Denali buds.