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Saturday was one of those glorious nights you will always remember. Record cold had caused the thermometer to bottom out and register an historic low temperature. AJ and Jon Dempsey had gone up to our secret spot because it is so full of goodness. I was accompanied by Seth who grabbed this beatiful shot.

That cresting wave isHangover and this is one of the best views of it I’ve ever seen.

Seth settles into this beautiful beautiful area.

AJ and Jon had been on a bit of a walkabout.

They had some rain the tonight before.

Fireside we regaled Seth with old men tales of mountains and beyond. I can’t believe the number of crisp days we’ve had to enjoy this Wilderness. It is truly a blessing to be in this place with such good company and perfect weather.

 Seth definitely has an eye. He knows about product placement.

I promised you something on Jeffrey’s Hell from a couple of weeks ago and haven’t forgotten. I have been working diligently on something that is being edited. In the mean time, let’s get back to some tunes. How about a lot of guitar work by the amazing Billy Strings.