On the Holston

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Myers organized this outing. He has a group of friends that were in grammar school together. And all these guys are still reuniting annually. Pretty impressive giving their advanced ages. One of them, Joe owns land on the Holston River. That is where we embarked this beautiful and hot Saturday afternoon.

(I know, it looks like a casting call for Deliverance.)

I am ever eyeing potential climbing spots. There’s some really good bluff line down along that section.

When Seth is in tow you know the photography is going to be exceptional.


This was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip. the largest bald eagle I have ever encountered swooped down over us and landed in a tree hanging over the river. He posed for us for a good while. We floated five and a half miles down to the Indian cave. Like Tom and Huck we were on our Mississippis. This summer has been a river for me. From my bike ride along the Missouri, to my home along the Tennessee. The Holston and French broad feed this water. I’m reminded of a poem by Langston Hughes. I will include it at the end.

Although it was a short outing I very much needed some time along the waterway. It was good to hang out with Myers and Seth again. Myers friends are very interesting characters. You can feel the history between them.



The Negro Speaks of Rivers

 Langston Hughes