Holiday Smokies Rambles

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From back to front. This is a shot of us celebrating Richards 60th birthday and retirement from Denso.

This is a View from the road out of Clingmans dome. I departed there on New year’s day after spending the night at the shelter with….

Abby and Kelsey, the Sausage and Bert. Plus our two new friends Tom and Tammy.

It was the Sausage’s birthday. And this is the second year in a row I’ve spent it up there with him.

Bert holds Court.

 Madonna has entered the building.

Bert had them eating out of the palm of his hand.

Women folk have to earn their keep around us, though.

I rode my bike from Newfound Gap up Clingman’s dome road and began my hike.

When we departed the following day, the road was closed. This was a flashback to the year before. So, I did the only proper thing which was to ride my bike from Newfound Gap all the way down to the Sugarlands.

¬†On the way out, we found a lot of junk deposited by some kids who didn’t know what the heck they were doing. We know who they were because they showed up at the shelter soaking wet. Carrying Walmart gear. So they just dumped it trailside.

On Tuesday prior to that I met AJ and his friend up at the Crooked arm.

This was on the Tuesday night prior to New year’s Eve. So good to see AJ and so good to get two backpacking trips in one week.