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Ike Branch and Nichols cove were like a bushwhacking experience. No one had obviously been through there in quite some time. It was good to be back on the trail with scooter.
It took us almost 3 and 1/2 hours to get four and a half miles into this campsite. That’s how remote and rugged it is in there. Of course we didn’t see a soul which is why we went.
on one of the better stretches of Nichols cove.
the weather was ideal. First night was star filled and glorious.
The second morning we got up and climbed to The hangover big fat Gap parking lot. It was a steep two and a half miles. I think we gained about 1,800 ft.
Do you know what that is in the distance?
you simply can’t ask for a better late November weather.
You find some odd sights in the backcountry.
We were pretty tired and hit the bed early because we were going to exit via slick Rock Creek. That proved to be a great adventure as well.
it is so beautiful in this wilderness. Still did not see a soul. We missed our turn at the bottom to exit slick Rock Creek and come back out by the river. We inadvertently we’re climbing back up like branch. But it may have saved a little bit of mileage. And that’s a trail I needed. All in all we did about 15 miles that weekend.
and we relished every second. This is the good good. Wilderness. Praise God.