Hangover June

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tn_P1070227We Highlanders never tire of Hangover and its blessings in all seasons.  Our friend, AJ, wished to spend his 51st birthday on the rock, so we accompanied him to the sacred spot.


It was time the hound earned his keep.  And with a fully loaded pack of my liquids, he made some headway.

tn_P1070206 Flame azaleas on Lead South were a welcomed surprise on Friday afternoon as we disappeared into laurel and rhodo for three days of bliss.



The trail was in spectacular shape considering the great storm damage from weeks ago. We made good time in our ascent of the traditional pathway to the most beautiful summit in the South.


tn_P1070216 We met AJ on the rock and he was the company of another Highlander friend.

tn_P1070218 Yes, its the legendary Patman.  Patman has met us and run into us on multiple occasions on the Hangover and elsewhere.  Needless to say, Patman, like many others, were relieved that this was not going to be one of the old Hangover bacchanals from days of old.  When I assured him there would be none of the drug fueled festivals from which I and others have so assiduously distanced themselves, his relief was palpable.   Patman was going to drop down and meet Tipi somewhere near Yellowhammer the next day.  He actually carried a 15 lb watermelon up lead trail.  That is a feat of great pride.  Patman puts in considerable time on the trails and is a gear tester for trailspace.

tn_P1070238 We communed in the cathedral at magic hour.

tn_P1070235 Is there ever an ugly sunset on the Hang?

tn_P1070248 Longstreet climbed down the rocks that lead to the Holiest of Holies.  Then he climbed back up.  And did it over and over.  I know humans that can’t climb down there.  We may have found his redeeming quality.



tn_P1070289 Saturday was AJ’s birthday and he reflected on 51 years of life.

tn_P1070263 … And we convinced him NOT to jump.

tn_P1070261 There was too much remaining beauty to behold.

tn_P1070241 It was cool at 5200 feet so a fire was in order.  It is always cool on the Hangover.

tn_P1070267 All I did was get up to go to the bathroom.  You would think he had treed a bear.

tn_P1070274 I figured he could have scaled that tree after his heroics on the Holies.


tn_P1070276 I found the old geocache on the Hangover.  In it is a book that outlines several of our trips up there, along with varying items through the years.

tn_P1070277 We sunbathed and moonbathed up there, since both were full at the time.  No rain at all.  Bugs were minimal.

tn_P1070297 We moved the fire night two a bit closer to camp.  Did I mention that water was flowing?  It was a gamble.  One that paid off with the recent storms.

tn_P1070314 Even birthday boy warmed to the General.



tn_P1070310 Nothing but magic on that rock.



Shout out to the Muir Faction.  The meat and cheese board lives thanks to you guys.



tn_P1070344My only complaint about climbing to the Hangover is the amount of photos I have to cull.

Happy birthday to AJ.

Peace to all.  As John Muir said,  Climb the mountain and receive its good tidings.



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  1. AJ

    I had a great time with John Q & Laurel. Very peaceful, and spiritual way to celebrate my 51st birthday.

    • John Quillen

      Thanks for letting us be a part of your celebration. It was awesome.