The Alpine Dihedral

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Some of you may be tired of my climbing tales and I promise we will be back to backpacking next weekend.  However, this was a day that involved one of the classic trad routes at the Obed and I was the guest of Chris Buffkin. Besides, this is the view from the top of our route, isn’t that something to celebrate. When people inquire about my climbs, I have to say that the view is probably the biggest payoff on any ascent. In this case, it was the company, physical effort and view which contributed to the overall dynamic.


There really is no way to look good in a climbing helmet.


(This is the second climb we did called Lillian’s Arete.  And it is a sport climb, as you can see from the bolt hanger.)


The first part of the ascent from the bottom appears endless.  Until you get on it, and realize it is so.


When the treetops get really small, you tend to quit looking down.


Which is why Chris is looking up. Chris did a great job leading this climb, we spent a couple of hours on the rock, about two and a half from bottom to top.  Our rappel took two full ropes. Chris took this great time lapse of me coming down that you may enjoy.  At least I did anyway.