Spruce Flats Manway via Lumber Ridge

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Laurel was in so we did a bit of walking in the Tremont region.



Lumber ridge is a new mile segment for her and a good little hill to pull on a nice, mid winter saturday.


We gained about a thousand feet in 4 plus miles and decided to drop down the manway to Spruce Flats falls.  It was the absolute right decision.



Artifacts abound in this well worn trail.  That didn’t used to be the case.  Years back I felt like we were the only ones who ever trod in there.  Here is a link to the last time I walked it. http://www.southernhighlanders.com/Spruce2010.htm

Note the dead bear we encountered.






Overall a wonderful, relaxing outing and here are the strava stats.

strava stats lumber

strava stats 2 lumber

Loads of fun.  My friend Roger told me that the wolf introduction project, which failed greatly by the NPS in the 90s, happened along the Spruce Flats manway section.  Interesting bit of knowledge. I would like to know how much was spent on that.

Anyway, the manway is more like a highway now, I suppose the institute folks have beaten it sufficiently down.  Seems as if a lot of new construction has occurred at the Institute with tent/platform houses etc.


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  1. Jeff G.

    One of my favorite loops. My brother and I hiked it last April in the pouring rain. We encountered three groups of youngsters, probably 25 kids in all on the manway. They were woefully unprepared and not having a good time. We, however, sloshed around for a couple of hours and had a grand time! 🙂

    • John

      I’ve learned that they take large groups from the institute up through there now. Funny, that the Institute at Tremont is responsible for bushwhacking a trail in the park for private use. Sounds familiar.