Dingboche and an “active” rest day.

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Last night we were sitting around a yak dung fire in a teahouse in Dingboche. The afternoon saw snow spitting in a pure cloud bank. After a restless night for me (I don’t use diamox) we arose, devoured breakfast and headed 783 feet uphill for an acclimatization hike. So much for a rest day.

At 14290 feet, rest is critical. But so is acclimatization. I didn’t feel like making the walk but knew it was essential. We are inching closer to Everest and the climate and atmosphere is changing accordingly. Soon the trekking group will leave us, along with Laurel and the real work of climbing begins. Internet here is spotty and expensive but I’m hearing much better in EBC.

Thanks for following and posting comments, I read each one.

10 Responses

  1. Jeff G.

    Really cool following along here and on Twitter, John. Good luck going forward!

  2. Alan Fair

    Thanks for sharing your journey John, your drive to accomplish your goals is inspiring! Keep posting when you can, be safe.

  3. AJ

    Keep trekking and climbing. Watching your progress daily on the summit climb club. I hope Laurel is enjoying her trek too. Enjoy and summit John! You deserve this.

  4. Kelly Bailey

    We are cheering you on! As always, take care!

  5. Bunyan

    Looks awesome! The Faction is following closely. Best to you and Laurel! Be safe and enjoy!


  6. Slapnuts

    Enjoy the Hell out of this and you might just summit!

  7. Kim Fowler Fox

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this awesome adventure! Be safe and have fun! We are cheering you on!

    Kim & John 🙂

  8. Angela Liston

    Cheering you on from Alaska. Very excited for you on this journey!

  9. The Edge

    You the man, John. Wishing you the best. Stay healthy…. Look forward to seeing you after you summit!

  10. S. Toney

    Beautiful view!! I can’t wait to see the one from the summit.