Greetings from Lobuche

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Its snowing here at 16 k and the Himalayan grandfather’s of Lobuche peak and the fin of the Khumbu glacier herald our arrival. 5 hours and 4k feet in 5.2 miles was our chore for today. It was cool as we enter the clouds and gloves, toboggans and buffs are our battle raiments. We passed the Scott Fischer memorial, a reminder of the seriousness of this game.

Laurel is smoking me up the hills and is working to spend time in Basecamp with me.  We shall likely arrive late tomorrow, depending on our group disposition.  I have really enjoyed all the great comments. Due to limited internet and power up here, I am unable to respond individually. But thanks for thinking of us.  More to come.


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  1. AJ

    Excellent. Laurel is in good shape as you are too John. Will you attempt your summit with oxygen tank or without. Maybe you can answer in your next post.

  2. Kim Hawkins

    Have you and your team in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy and be safe.

  3. Kim Hawkins

    Have you and your team in my prayers. Enjoy and be safe.

  4. Angela

    Yea for Laurel. I’m impressed — tell her she’s my new hero!

  5. John & Pete

    We are thinking about you man, keep going John and Pete, we are in class