Bit of a scare

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We arrived in Basecamp for Mt. Everest yesterday afternoon. Laurel was struggling from Gorak Shep and her apetite was fading. By the time we ascended 1700 feet and 5 plus miles she was knackered, as my British climbing mates say. We nursed her through the afternoon but during the night she developed undeniable symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. It was as bad a case as I have seen. When her vomit developed traces of blood, the decision was clear. Evacuate

I spent the morning, along with our team leader,Dani organizing a helicopter rescue and by lunchtime Dan Mazur, Dani and I had her en route to Kathmandu. She is currently at the hospital there thanks to the global rescue policy Laurel purchased in advance. I expect an immediate and full recovery. The antidote to altitude is lack thereof. Laurel is strong and imI proud of her for getting to fulfill her objective.

Otherwise, I am okay. The mountain is beautiful and the sights and sounds are meeting expectations.  I’m having difficulty posting photos here, we have limited bandwidth internet at Basecamp. But check twitter as well.

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  1. Bunyan

    Holy Crap!!!!! So glad to hear Laurel is getting medical attention and should be fine. I know it might be difficult but try to focus on what you have ahead of you and taking care of yourself.


  2. Ken Cole

    Wow!! That had to be rough and scary. So glad she is getting the care she needs.
    Please take care of yourself and know that the Faction is behind you all the way. It’s just amazing to follow
    your journey. Good luck my man…….Ledge

  3. Angela Liston

    So sorry for Laurel. She is still my hero and so glad you were able to get her to medical care quickly. Now it’s Onward and upward for you John!

  4. Kelly Bailey

    Oh my goodness!!! Glad she is getting some treatment! Be safe Doc!❤

  5. John Davis

    So sorry to hear of this but glad she got back down and to lower altitude safely.

  6. The Edge

    So glad Laurel is doing better. Great to have that kind of support there. Godspeed my friend.