Namche Hold-Groundhog Days Leaving on May 15

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Update- summit is open, we leave tomorrow.

Let me begin by wishing my Mom and all other Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. For us here in Namche @ 12000 feet it has been reminiscent of the movie “Groundhog Day”. Each morning brings hope of a return to Basecamp but weather and lack of rope progress keeps us grounded. No teams have reached Everest summit or camp 4 due to unusually high winds and cold. But we are as comfortable as can be expected in this terraced village full of coffee shops, bakeries and local restaurants.

I have frequented so many aforementioned establishments that my phone picks up emails and text alerts simply by remaining in my pocket as we pass through town and all the Wi-Fi hits. It’s like one big repeater system. Similarly, local merchants have gotten to know us by name and have taken time betting on our summit dates in accordance with the hourly changing weather forecast.

For me it has been an exercise in patience and mental calm. A week in the high Himalaya is a boon for any adventurer. Dealing with the vagaries of uncertainty is just a “need to manage” risk in this game. I pretend that this is a vacation within a vacation and events flow quite smoothly when we ignore the impending tasks.

One acquaintance we have made is Sibusiso Vilane from Africa. He is quite famous and also waiting here in Namche. Today I asked him about his audience with the Queen of England. That was quite a story, then we had lunch. I just got word that the ropes are now fixed and the route is open so progress is occurring.

We have a helicopter on retainer so day after tomorrow I suspect we will depart then. When we leave, Laurel will be manning, she will hate the use of that word, the comms. Check here and her personal Twitter feed @theLaureldunn.

IlI drop a line before hand. Thanks for your comments, I read each one. So grateful to hear from long lost friends, friends, colleagues and strangers.



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  1. Myers

    God Speed John Quillen, and keep wiggling those banjo fingers.

    • Myers

      STARTING TODAY FOR EVEREST SUMMIT: (Temps are not windchill)

      Days 0-3 Mount Everest Weather Summary: A heavy fall of snow, heaviest during Wed afternoon. Extremely cold (max -6°F on Thu night, min -13°F on Wed afternoon). Wind will be generally light.

      Days 3-6 Mount Everest Weather Summary: A heavy fall of snow, heaviest during Mon night. Extremely cold (max -4°F on Sun afternoon, min -9°F on Tue morning). Winds decreasing (strong winds from the NE on Mon night, calm by Tue afternoon).

      Days 6-9 Mount Everest Weather Summary: A heavy fall of snow, heaviest during Tue afternoon. Extremely cold (max -6°F on Tue afternoon, min -15°F on Sat morning). Winds increasing (calm on Tue night, strong winds from the W by Thu afternoon).

  2. Beverly Quillen

    Off to church, wishing for a speedy summit. Prayers for all.

  3. Kelly Bailey

    Prayers Doc! I’m on pins and needles! Love ya!

    • Shana Hudson

      You are in my thoughts and prayers daily….I am so inspired by you and cannot wait till you are back at the Academy, reliving your summit to Everest! We love you!❤️

  4. Bunyan

    Good luck from the Faction!!! We are following daily. It’s the first thing I do when I get to work in the morning!

  5. AJ Sisson

    Summit John, Summit! Exciting reads of your adventure. I am rooting for you and even mention you in our prayers. Have fun, safely summit and enjoy all of it.

  6. John and Zahra

    Super excited for you, John. Prepare to engage Permafist! Our spirits are with you!

  7. UL

    Glad to hear things are going as well as can be expected!
    Sounds like Dawa is a strong and competent Sherpa. Glad you got a good one!
    Peace brother!
    To the summit!!

  8. Angie Lay Davis

    Still following along on your journey daily!! It’s so exciting and scary at the same time!! It’s become a daily ritual at the bank each morning for someone to say “hey, let’s see what’s happening today on the mountain”. Hoping the weather clears for ya’ll to make a summit push soon!! Sending well wishes and big prayers for good health and safety for you and your team!!

  9. Glenda T

    Your stories keep me on the edge of my seat! So thankful things are progressing and you are enjoying this awesome adventure! You and Laurel are doing a good job of keeping everyone updated; thank you both….this allows the less adventurous of your readers to climb Everest vicariously through you!
    Prayers for continued heath and safety,

  10. Mark C.

    Hoping your refueling and resting for the summit bid continues to find you healthy. Somebody told me once that attitude determines altitude and you seem to fit right in with that quote. I have throughly enjoyed reading and re-reading every word posted by you and Laurel. Thanks to you both for keeping me along with this adventure. Stay strong my friend!

  11. Boz

    Praying for a successful summit and descent. Be well.

  12. Kim Fowler Fox

    Love following your updates and those awesome adventures up Mt. Everest! Praying for you to have a safe and successful expedition. Impressed with the logistics of it all and glad your team yields to weather and health. Get back home soon for a rest! Glad Laurel will be providing updates! She, like Bev, is obviously a precious jewel!

  13. Bugsy

    Good Luck Buddy! We are praying for success and safe return!

  14. Hoyt

    Wishing you success and looking forward to hearing about it in person. Rock on!

  15. James Shipton

    Hi John. I just stumbled across this by chance. You’ll be on your way now so take care and be safe, my friend. I’ll be looking out for your next blog and hearing all about your successful summit.

  16. The Edge

    I love reading and rereading you and Laurel’s posts.

    I am always in awe that you are climbing this mountain.

    I am always telling people here at work about your climb and it doesn’t seem real to mel. Looking forward to seeing a picture of you and your team on top of this amazing mountain. May god and this mountain give you safe passage up and back my friend.

  17. Burgin

    Jim and I have been following your expedition. My Dad and nephew have copies of your book and we’ve been keeping them updated on your progress. Climb on! Hilary