No news is good news

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It seems like this trip has been one long waiting game. I don’t have any “news” per se, but Summit Climb posted that John and team were headed up to camp 3 yesterday which puts them right on their anticipated schedule. They should be waking up in about 2 or 3 hours and heading up to camp 4 tonight. If the weather continues to remain fair, we’re looking at a summit push starting tomorrow evening.

So since I can’t give you a very interesting John update, do we have any Sandra Bullock or “Hope Floats” fans? I was visiting a farm in Smithville, TX last week and realized I was 2 miles from “Birdee’s” house. I’m not 100% sure I’ve seen theĀ  movie but I did swing by anyway.IMG_20180515_120248507_HDR

And this is what my house currently looks like. The pup and I leave Florida for good on Thursday and we are so excited to be closer to John so we can be together on weekends. Longstreet can barely contain his excitement.


Thanks for keeping up with John’s progress. I may update again, but most likely I’ll leave it to John when he gets back to basecamp. Hopefully the internet will be good enough for him to give a thorough report.


10 Responses

  1. Beverly Quillen

    You are a hoot and a joy for sending some comic relief. Safe travels, God bless.

  2. AJ

    Mountain Laurel, I agree with Mom JQ on the comic relief. Summit John, Summit. This is what I say every week in prayers for at church. Looking forward to JQ successful summit.

  3. Amanda May

    I have worked with John work 18 years-I love following this journey just as I have all if his others! John- when you read this I hope all is well!!! I have been keeping Bill updated as you know the he and technology don’t mix!

  4. Boz

    Climb John Climb! Praying for a glorious ascent/summit and an uneventful descent/return home.

  5. Myers

    23 May – Everest Nepal SummitClimb team summited. Some members are resting at southcol and some have moved further down to camp 3 and camp 2.

  6. Bugsy

    Way to go John!!! Congrats buddy, you earned it for all the hard work!

  7. Freddy

    Confirmed on website so Congrats John! Like to hear about all the small details.

  8. Dan Walters

    Congratulations John!!!! Way to go!!!