A touch of Frostbite

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It comes with the territory for me. Everyone knows I had a bit in 2011 following my summit of Muztah Ata. So predisposition to the mountaineers disease is a recurring possibility. As I descended from Everest’s summit last week, my toes on the right foot developed a familiar throbbing. Getting off Sagarmatha was a priority on multiple levels.



First degree is the least serious level. It is uncomfortable and after they were rewarmed at the hospital, the sensation was intense and remains so today. I can look forward to a couple of weeks worth of discomfort, but no losses, according to the staff at Ciwec Hospital. I go back for a follow up tomorrow.

Obviously we are still in Kathmandu, our baggage, not. Everest really doesn’t want to let any parts of us depart for home. While we wait for our things and, most importantly, my Sherpa, Ang Dawa, I want to share a summit shot with my Nepali brother.



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  1. Bunyan

    Glad the frostbite isn’t to bad. How are your fingers??

  2. John

    Fingers are fine. So all is well. Thanks. Check your email.

    • Bunyan

      Love the shot of J. Muir on the Summit!! That is awesome!! Thanks for getting him to the top for us!!

  3. Shana Hudson

    Stay strong! We can’t wait to see you and listen to you recount your amazing insurmountable accomplishment!!! Love and prayers.

  4. Myers

    So you can still pick your banjo and at least hop to the campsite.

  5. Pat Moore

    Congrats John. As our friend the Edge would say “trip of a lifetime”. Take care and safe travels home.

  6. Chris Buffkin

    Congratulations John! You are the man! Can’t wait to catch up and hear some stories!

    • John

      Thanks Chris. Just landed in Philly. Let’s get together and catch up soon.