10 Responses

  1. Mark C.

    No crowds on your summit day! Nice to see you smiling in the sun.

  2. Bunyan

    So awesome!! So happy for you and Ang Dawa as well as Neil and Sange!! The Goddess Mother smiled upon all of you for coming to the aid of the injured Sherpa. In the mountains there is a higher power and that power guided you safely to the summit and back down.

  3. Myers

    That’s not exactly correct John. You all were not the only ones there. We were there as well.

  4. AJ

    Nice Video! Who was that in the beginning of the video? So no summit shot? Well O2 I guess. Super cool. I summited Kennesaw Mountain the other day….

  5. John

    Myers, I stand corrected. I could feel the thoughts and prayers of everyone, especially you. That’s the only way we achieved success.

  6. Boz

    JQ, way to go my friend! Hope you felt my daily prayers for you also

    • John

      I did, Boz. I really did. It was an indescribable sensation to get to the South summit, have Dawa tell me we had 1 hour to get out there to the real summit and find enough gas in the tank to reach it after 15 hours non stop climbing. That’s divine intervention for certain. Thanks again.