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  1. Mark C.

    So good to hear you have returned safely to the great state of TN. Congratulations to signing this one off your special bucket list. You sure had a spectacular summit post! Now to get you back to your normal Southern Highlands hiking weight. Looking forward to hearing about the adventures that you & Laurel experienced! Welcome back home!!

    • John

      Thanks so much, Mark. If I keep eating like I am, the regular hiking weight will be here soon!

  2. John Davis

    Very cool report. They went on to say your going to be planning your next climbs. Wha….?

    You are an animal! I was on some Colorado 14er summits all by myself…uh…guess that’s bit different than having the top of the world to yourself!!! Yay, John!!

    • John

      What they left off was, I am planning all of my next climbs with John Davis.

    • John

      It was almost as epic as a climb on the first flatiron followed by an orchestra recital.

  3. The Edge

    Yep, Top of the world has a new meaning to you!!!! So, glad to be reading and seeing your posts from home….