More detailed photo of the route on Summit Day

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I have annotated a shot from the South Col on May 23 prior to our ascent with landmarks. Understand the South Col is at 26,000 feet. Look closely and you will see climbers on the triangular face.

     annotated from s col

You can see part of our team getting ready below. We had been climbing up to this point for several days, spending two nights at camp 2, one night at camp 3 and eventually two nights here, not including the complete day ascending from the south col to the summit and back.  For me it was 24 hours of movement on Everest from this point.


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  1. AJ

    So an elevation increase of 3,000 Feet? Kind of like hiking up to the Hangover from Big Fat Gap! Looks stunning. Hoping for more of your photos of your epic adventure.

    • John

      Yes, AJ. It was the most difficult 3000 ft climb of my career to date.

  2. Tipi Walter

    AJ—It’s funny you should mention the climb up the Nutbuster trail. I often think of the South Col climb up to the summit when pulling the Slickrock Nut. Except I don’t have to carry oxygen or take one step for every 15 breaths. But I do have to battle thru blowdowns and rattlesnakes.

    Great pics and great adventure, John Quillen. You are now the equivalent of both Messner and Jesus.

    • John

      Tipi, going up the Triangular face was like doing the nutbuster, for 15 hours. In -15 temps at 27k. Thanks for the compliment. I got lucky and was blessed.