Big South Fork

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I figured it has been at least seven years since standing atop this spot. We did a “quick hit” run up to the Angel Falls overlook.

The leaves and views did not disappoint. We had intended to backpack but a sick dog prohibited that plan. I rather enjoyed dayhiking in the brisk, 30 degree temperatures. Plenty of sun kept me warm as I ascended the final thousand feet up to the overlook

I needed some fall forest bathing time and BSF didn’t disappoint.

I will be doing my final public presentation of Everest 2018 this Wednesday, Nov 14 at Second Presbyterian Church in Knoxville. The event is open to the public and begins at 6 pm. It will be the same presentation I did at Little River, so come join me for pictures, video and details of the ascent this past May.

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  1. Jeff G.

    John –

    A little late to the party on this one, but just wanted to weigh in and say that those couple of pix are sweet. I haven’t been to Big South Fork, but apparently I should. Winter in Michigan has set in, and I’m missing those Fall views already.


    • John

      It was spectacular. Hardly anyone was camping up there, we should plan a trip!