Hazel Creek weekend.

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Myers called a good one and I am very pleased that he did. He met me, along with Howard after work on Friday. We took the Steenhatchie canoe over the dragon on a warm, summer afternoon.

 It’s a long story as to how the canoe got her name. This canoe is one of the old Grummann boy scout types from the 70s and Brian Moran was with me when three of us paddled it over to Eagle Creek on one of the maiden voyages. Brian often fished down in Steenhatchie and we turned Steenhatchie into a verb that equates to FUBAR.

We met Mark Jones, NIck and Allen for the first night at Proctor. We enjoyed a nice fire made so by Nick and rose early the next morning for some hiking around the old logging camp. It was a beautiful day so Howard and I decided to go on a trail run whilst Mark hiked over to Eagle Creek for some new miles.

A refreshing swim was in order where Hazel turned into Fontana. The temperature was just right, very chilly in contrast to the hot lake. After a big trail run and wood gathering, this was the medicine we needed.

(these two pics above are courtesy of Howard)

AJ joined us around lunch time Saturday and Allen departed.

 Myers is responsible for all but two of these photos. He is getting the hang of it, I would say.

Around this fire we had a lively political debate.  And I mean lively!

Overall, it was a men’s weekend and we all needed the outdoor therapy. Time in nature is like time in church. You need both to commune with our creator. It was a good crew of folks who appreciate what they have. Two of our men, AJ and Myers just saw their daughters off to college within the past week. These are rites of passage not only for the girls but these men as well. Congratulations to them for that is, to me, a great success. Raising children who have entered the world of higher learning prepared for life is the purpose of parenting and I know that Myers and AJ have done a fine job. Mark has too, but his son is quite a bit further down that road.

The weather was fine. It had to be in the 90s but the water felt as if it were in the fifties and none of us complained. Probably one of the best swims I have ever had in the backcountry. The yellow jackets are out, be warned. I predict a nice fall season with more time in the woods this year. I hope everyone here is able to get out.




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  1. Andrew Sisson

    Good time as usual. Nice to meet a few new friends.