Mill Branch

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It’s really nice when you have a professional photographer in tow.This weekend we were fortunate to be accompanied by my friend, Seth Dortch

That’s him on the right with the thumbs up.

We climbed 1400 feet up Mill branch and 2.3 miles to meet Curt. It’s a nice pull in sections.Curt began his journey the day before leaving from Beech Gap. He traveled along the spine of the Fodderstack trail and camped at Crowder branch on Friday. The next morning he got up and did a gargantuan loop which brought him back up Mill Branch andĀ  into our company.

We set about with the requisite camp chores.

He’s definitely got the minimalist thing going.

This was one of his first East Tennessee Appalachian backpacks, I’d say he does get a thumbs up for that.

Rightfully tuckered.

He may have the bug and is shopping for some lightweight gear.

I’m about to overdose on Citico goodness. It has been many years since I had stayed at Mill branch. This trip was very reminiscent of the time we ran into Tipi here. I am stillĀ  recovering from the 3-day epic Mark and I just completed. Expect a full report within the next week.

Excellent outing, excellent company, excellent weather.

Let’s end with a little concert action from two of the greatest guitar pickers of all time.