Freezing Frozen Head’s Backcountry Tax

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Last night I was proud to stand with fellow SFW members, Myers Morton, Gregg Bostick, Laurel Dunn and Scott Noethen as we presented our concerns about the Frozen Head Backcountry Fee set to implement April 1 before the Morgan … Continued

Frozen Head

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It has probably been twenty years since I wandered into this place. I remember going in there with Wendi and we hiked a good loop and spent the night somewhere. When a break in this usual January dreariness happened, I … Continued

Summit Orizaba

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I reached the summit of icy Pico de Orizaba at 8 am on January 3. It was a 7 hour solo push from 14 k to 18.6 k and nearly 11 hours roundtrip. Laurel, having succumbed to acute mountain sickness … Continued

Summit La Malinche

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It was a grueling but worthwhile ascent of 14600 foot La Malinche. It’s best described as two thousand feet straight up to the tree line. Then above the Treeline you get on a scree slope that is quite slippery . … Continued


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Puebla It is good to be back in this beautiful city. After landing in Mexico City Christmas night we grabbed a few hours sleep and hopped on a bus to Puebla the next morning. Laurel is getting her first taste … Continued

Citlatepetel Redux for Christmas

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  I have unfinished business down there in Mexico in the form of a summit of it’s highest point, Citlatepetel, also known as Orizaba.  Rising to 18,500 feet above the Mexican plain, this dormant giant claims the title of  North … Continued

Think you could do this?

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Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to get a 500 acre piece of land from your county, lease it for $15 and turn around and whore it out to whatever for profit entity you wish? Oh, and did … Continued

Getting Meade’s Quarry and Crag Open

posted in: Uncategorized | 0   Ijams to consider private boats on Mead’s Quarry Lake Travis Dorman , 5:42 p.m. EST December 14, 2016 Mead’s Quarry Lake (Photo: Travis Dorman) Ijams Nature Center’s Board of Directors will discuss Thursday whether to … Continued

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